The Birth of an Idea - RedButterfly by Omaris

The Birth of an Idea - RedButterfly by Omaris

RedButterfly by Omaris

I believe every woman is beautiful and powerful, despite size, race, origin, and age. A woman just needs to believe it! 

As a dance teacher, my main goal is not just to teach technique, choreographies, and steps. I can say my true goal is to make every single woman that takes my class feel secure about herself, to walk as a dancer in her living room, to take my words home with her and apply them to her normal life. I want to help women to find themselves and transform into goddesses. Dancing changed me and I want to spreadmy concept and my voice not only the women that are in my classes but to all the other women that I do not have the privilege to meet in person.

RedButterfly by Omaris born with the true idea to communicate inspiring and encouraging thoughts through clothing and accesories. We are all different and that is exactly what makes us unique and real. It is for that reason that my line is represented by butterflies: different colors, patterns, sizes, and origins but all beautiful.

Chin up goddess!


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